Thursday, August 12, 2010



I am struck by the number of young couples together more than 10 years who are struggling. It seems as if life sucks out their love for each other. The pressures and stresses of work and finances combined with those of raising children in a more complex and demanding world leaves no time to nurture the garden of love.

Instead, communications fail,distance and disconnects creep in and stink weeds grow tall where beautiful flowers once flourished naturally. Dreams of the past become nightmares for the present and future.

A big problem is combined couple complacency. The erosion is allowed to linger unchallenged for much too long.If your kid had a fever for months and months that continued for years and years you would not allow it to go unchecked. If your marriage has a fever call a marriage doctor ASAP. So much depends on getting help in a timely fashion. In the garden of love too many weeds can choke it, keeping it from ever growing back. That is both irresponsible and sad for all concerned.

In many ways marriage is an unnatural act as I argued 20+ years ago (see Realistic View of Marriage and Divorce). But so, I am afraid, is divorce, especially when young and innocent children are caught in the middle of the weeds.

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