Wednesday, July 28, 2010


trying to soar like an Eagle. Yesterday's blog contained some good words. But trying to soar is hard and can drain us dry. Not all days allow for soaring.

However, once you get the hang of it you have more good days than not. Consider this simple minded analogy. If I clean my car I tend to keep it clean. If it is a mess of papers,empty bags, half drunk water bottles, etc. I tend to make it messier. Mess and emotional cess pile up upon itself. Dam grams beget more of the same.The latter are equivalent to soaring. The former are equivalent to crashing.Being optimistic and positive help us to gain altitude as we gain attitude.

So my point is that once you start soarng the likelihood is you will do that more often. As pride bank deposits build up they feed more of the same. Kinda like a diet. Once you get in that groove nothing can tempt you out of it.

The secret to diets and life is to find that grove and rhythm and keep soaring a you know what.

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