Monday, July 26, 2010


Thursday and Friday I blogged about Forgiveness.

Funny(it starts with F) enough I can't remember the other two F words I was going to blog about. One of the Frustrations (another F word) of getting older is that memory becomes Fragile (F again). If you don't write it down you don't quite remember. You can walk into a room with a clear need and in a flash have no clue why you came in to the room.

Then I went to blog and couldn't get on to it even though I used the right user name and pass code. I wanted to scream the F word loudly. I resisted the temptation because I realized none of it was all that important in the scheme of things.Most things aren't and it always helps to see things in perspective. Save your emotional energy for times that truly deserve it.

I will finish up the F word blogs as soon as I remember the words or find the sticky note on which I wrote them. FAGETTABOUTIT!

Bye For Now,


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