Thursday, July 22, 2010


The first is Forgiveness. It is very important that we be able to forgive ourselves. So many are so hard on themselves. Reality can be easily distorted as people scream at themselves for perceived shortcomings and mistakes.

Truth is we all make mistakes. Hindsight is easy. Foresight comes more slowly if at all. When we yell at ourselves or ruminate at our supposed "failures" it is usually our parent's voice that takes over. Most would reassure a friend for the very thing they rail at themselves.

Try to catch yourself being a "hard" marker and lighten up a bit. Give yourself credit for trying and for past successes in the very area you are now beating yourself up. Remind yourself you are a person who is most likely dedicated to others more than yourself. The not so nice people of the world rarely, if ever, criticize themselves as they are too busy blaming others for their faults and failings.

Try to be more a cheer leader than a jeer leader for yourself. The odds are you deserve that and the odds are your rational mind knows you do.

More F words tomorrow.

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