Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yesterdays blog talked about me cutting myself some slack. Probably many of you could follow in my footsteps. Those who already do cut themselves some slack probably don't read my blog.

I believe that most people are creatures of habit. I also believe becoming routinized and tied to our "to do" lists is a form of taking control. It is illusory, but it sure keeps homes clean, work done and us robots task focused.

In many ways being a robot,aside from its productive benefits, distracts us from all the speed bumps of life. Hard to dwell on the state of the world when you are focused on the state of your closet or garage or whatever.

Critical is that we balance our work and play a little better, especially if you can identify with being a robot.

More on this tomorrow. That is if I choose to write another blog!! Just kidding. I wouldn't want to disappoint my millions of readers.

Bye For Now,


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