Monday, June 28, 2010



Or is it that we believe in it, but don't take the time to practice it. But most of it takes very little time.

The funny thing is we can devote time to all kinds of causes,but not necessarily those that are self-directed. We aren't typically lazy, but we can be when it comes to ourselves.

We seem to know the right things to do for our good and welfare, but opt not to, serially. A very small percentage are disciplined and the rest of us pop in and out in yo-yo fashion.

I'd be interested in your thoughts so all of you million plus loyal blog readers hit me with your best response. That said, I will stay with this topic tomorrow. The big question is how can I get more people to invest 20-30 seconds a day to read this blog? For now, I'm just going to floss my teeth.

Bye For Now,



  1. I would imagine that once people realize that they are only effective when they are healthy and balanced is the day that they will seek out the professional and educational information you offer, daily, through your blog. It is obvious to me that most clients wait until they hit the proverbial wall to seek help and advise. Somehow, you have always been able to help clients get clarity on whats going on, get them in the "Here and Now" help them pick up the pieces and move on with their lives. When readers are struggling with issues, maybe they will realize that your blog and all apects of your practice is the way to help themselves. They will check out mindlymatters at the beginning or the end of their day, as your loyal followers do. In your pursit to "help" people to help themselves, I beleive that at some point the good news will spread. Why? You are and always have been tireless and professional in your work (all aspects of it). You serve as a role model for men and women who want to get on board the wellness and peace train. Every resource for this to happen is offered through your practice, and the team of professional staff working with you. Perhaps we can only help those that ask for our help; perhaps others don't know how to navaigate and put these resources into practice. I do know, many many people who you have come in contact with you, recognize your acievements, your professional and personal success and would like to "get there" too. All that it is, all that you have become, evolved over a long period of time. Those who aspire to do the same will contine to read your blog, and seek you out for guidance when their time comes, it is a readiness and willingness issue.

    It doesn't matter what percentage or value in terms of numbers, how this plays out. What matters, is Mindlymatters continues and as you continue reaching out to those who are looking for the 'How To's" of building a "better life" for themselves and their loved ones, find this blog, your prolific and sometimes prophetic writing, will be the place they go to.

    You are elightened, and in spiritual language, annointed, to do what you do. You have committed your lifes' work, to the betterment of others. I believe at the end of the day you will be fillled with satisfaction and gratitude with what you are doing now and the work you are developing, to be released in the near future.

    Mimi Gegg, M.Ed
    The Tranquility Center
    William Penzer and Associates

  2. I have finally learned to be "disciplined" and it took a very long time due to a heart attack and a lot of mistakes I have made.