Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have come to find it hard (that's not a good way to start this blog on sex!) to blog about sexual matters. So many individual/couple differences. So much variability. Too many possibilities. So many unknowns.

Sex is one of many expressions of love. Sometimes it has nothing at all to do with that. My hope for your relationship is that it works for both of you and that you can enjoy all of its positive benefits together. As well, my hope is that it is a way to exchange and communicate love, tenderness and caring in a mutually satisfying way. The more you make love, the less you make war. Of that I am convinced!

If not, there are helpful,certified sex therapists who can help to get to a better place.

As I see it sexual interaction is a most democratic experience. Whatever you enjoy, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone,is fine. It is not the center piece of a relationship, but it is a special piece. Oops, I may have done it again!

Bad( I mean Bye) For Now,


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