Tuesday, June 22, 2010


There was no blog yesterday. I chose to take Father's Day Weekend off. The title of a soon to be released article, "Taking Better Care Of You: Part II I'm Not A Robot ... Anymore," explains it all.

Being a robot caused me to focus solely or at least primarily on task accomplishment, to do lists and being productive. Not being one frees me from enslavement. I can now goof off,watch a ballgame,go to a movie,read a novel etc. without feeling,"I should be doing something more meaningful." I still work hard, but a little less hard.

In the past the robot would have said, You promise one every business day and the millions of people who count on your blog will be disappointed!" As you can see the robot can be a little delusional too. The man can reply by saying, "It is OK to take a day off once in a while, especially on a special day. And I did. That is the best part of the story.

Bye For Now,

Bill(formerly known as a Robot)

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