Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Many writers and marriage therapists use sex as a barometer of a relationship.It is one measure, but not always accurate. I have met many couples who have a wonderful sexual relationship, but not much of a partnership. I have met others who's intimacy is almost non-existent, but have wonderful, caring, partnerships of love and fulfillment.

Sex is a wide ranging and idiosyncratic experience for couples. Like finger prints, no two are quite alike.

I believe a much better barometer of the relationship is the couple's collective laughter. The more the joking, the less the yoking. Life generally these days is much too serious. If you can't laugh it up with your life partner and see the silliness in so much of your day to day struggles, then with whom can you laugh?

If you and your partner are not laughing much then there might be something wrong. Get some help sooner than later. Relationship problems need relationship rehab. That is not a laughing matter.

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