Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The last two blogs were about the title. A while back I wrote generally about multimillion dollar athletes who sometimes do well and sometimes do poorly. I suggested if they can so can we.

I saw it in action last week in the NBA finals. A week ago Sunday a Boston Celtic broke three records for three point shots. He couldn't miss. It was as if his ball had a magnet that found the metal rim--swish! That same player could not make a single basket--even a lay up--two nights later. He went 0 for 13 tries. The "magnet" must have fallen off!

The point is sometimes we score and sometimes we don't. It doesn't make us a bad, inferior,inadequate player on the ball field of life. IT MAKES US A PERSON.

Hope you get that! If not, please keep working on it, because it is undeniably true.

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