Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yesterday and the day before I referenced my "millions of readers". Truth be known I appreciate whomever reads my blog.If you do I hope you appreciate you. Next week I will write about our tendency to not be too into preventive anything.

In a sense, balance is the opposite of being a robot.The former divides our time among a wide variety of activities, while the latter stays pretty stuck in a rut of performance and productivity.

Here are the elements that go into dividing our time:

Family Responsibilities
School/Work Responsibilities
Domestic/Partnership Responsibilities
Relaxation/Fun Activities
Exercise and Health Involvements
Social Engagements
Civic Contributions.

Notice I didn't include sex because clearly there is no time for that. Just kidding. It goes under relaxation/fun activities.

However, I bet if we went door to door we would find that the first two take up the bulk of the pie chart of time and the rest are left to random, chance opportunities.It would be interesting if you gave some thought to what your ideal balance would be, put some numbers to it and strive to stay in the zone you create.

Tomorrow I will tell you my opinion on a healthy and realistic blend for people in their forties and in their sixties. I believe the proportions change over time.

Most important is that all need to be included in whatever proportion you feel works for you.

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  1. Thank you for the practical information on the ingredients for the "balance pie". I am interested to see how all are incorporated when you address the transition and balancing act from the forties to the sixties, and where the proportions lye.

    Thank you Dr. Penzer