Monday, June 7, 2010


I know I promised to talk about sex this week,but I need to share something before we get to that.

Love is ever changing.It is hardly ever what it was,but doesn't have to be what it isn't meant to be. It needn't be harsh or just chronic bickering. It should not be critical parent to bad boy/girl. It is not supposed to be two people living under one roof doing their own things. It is a partnership "till death...".

Some things about love remain constant. It is sharing through good and not so good times. It is caring about how the other feels and what the other needs and viceversa. It is reciprocal,mutual,equitable. It is nice and easy as Frankie is singing as I type. It is real and it is respectful.It sits atop realistic expectations. It accepts each others idiosyn"crazies". It takes account of and appreciates all the years of time, energy and emotion invested. It counts it all!

As time goes on it is not usually the wild, passionate early on fun and carefree times of old. Life, kids,age and stresses take their toll on love in that way just as it does on our bodies and minds. But it can still be filled with laughter and fun, looking forward to special times together and words only understood by you both.

Trite as it sounds love can mellow, soften and open up like special wine from a good year. The year you wed qualifies! Cherish it, celebrate it and do the same for and with each other.

Bye For Now,


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