Friday, May 21, 2010


In the same Time Magazine Interview Willie Nelson was asked," What helps you get through difficult times in life?" His response was:

Positive thinking. Believing that it's going to be O.K. And so far
it has been. Why bitch about anything? You're not hungry. You're not
cold. Neither am I. We're not sick. So everything is fine. If you
continue to live in the now,then things will be O.K.

This Willie could not have said it any better. It is realistic optimism all the way (see Tuesday's blog). As the song goes, "Don't worry, be happy...". Even if things aren't quite right or the way you would like them to be, try to stay positive and embrace this very moment. Now is really all that exists,really!

Hopefully, your weekend will be pleasant and peaceful. Assume it will be. That's all you can do, really!

Bye For Now,

Willie aka Bill

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