Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I am not a gambler and never have been. It has always seemed to me that betting on a random process was silly. How can I or anyone predict the next number on a roulette wheel or the next card on a table or the next die on a craps table?

Moreover, these beautiful megacasinos aren't built on their losses. They are built upon the losses of everyday folk like you and me. Sure, a few people win, but most lose. This is why comps, the seductive bait of casinos, are based on time and amount played. They know that the more time and the higher amounts wagered, the more likely they are to win.The odds are in their favor and they pander to it and to you.

Casinos provide a wide array of perks--free everything--but is it really free? I think not or they would not do it. They know from years of experience that offering VIP status is to their advantage. Your host, while wining and dining you, has his or her hand in your pocket. Their bonus is based your leaving lighter of wallet than when you arrived. Most of the time you do.

Last week I spoke of belt tightening during these difficult economic times. Watch out for your fantasies of making a killing at the gaming tables. Most of the time it is you who will be killed, at least financially.

As the old joke goes, How do you make a fortune in a casino? The answer, By Owning It!!!

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