Thursday, May 13, 2010


Keeping it simple silly(kiss) is the name of today's game.

Over the top is reserved for a select few whose numbers are diminishing by the hour.For the majority, it is a time to simplify, modify and solidify. The extravagances of the past decade need to be reined in. A large group of people are reevaluating their lifestyles. Financial losses are far greater than economic indices might suggest.

Beyond financial issues, simplification keeps many stresses away. It is a time to seek out peace of mind instead of giving someone a piece of your mind over some petty issue.

Our goals need to be: being able to comfortably afford ourselves, contributing in some small way to the common good, feeling pride and satisfaction, enjoying the smaller things in life that sit all around us, loving our partners, children and families and being happy with what we have rather than seeking that which we don't.

Simplicity is truly a kiss; anything else truly a kick in the you know what!

Bye For Now,


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