Friday, May 7, 2010


We went to the Elvis cirque show in Vegas.It was OK,though it was a strange mix of cruise ship frenzy and acrobatic fare interspersed with videos of the King himself. They seem to have developed a cookie cutter, Danielle Steel-esque model that I would call Hollywood meets History or His Story and His/Their Songs. It is OK, but not worth the outrageous price for 90 minutes. Then again nothing is worth the price in Vegasville!

None-the-less I left a bit sad. I was there when he hit Ed Sullivan's stage which at the time was thought of as risque, if not obscene. Ed should only see the rappers grope their privates repeatedly as if they were about to fall off, which makes Elvis look like a Priest. Well, that might not be a good analogy. Sorry! I was there when he went into the Army and I was there throughout his career of hit songs, movies, etc.He was the man, till he became the boy.

My sadness was related to the conclusion of his story. He went from King and Bling to lost and loser. Drugs and who knows what else brought him down hard. He had it all and he lost that and more. He was a victim of GLOP! He couldn't handle his fame and success. He was every man's fantasy,but could not manage it and became every man's worst nightmare.

I guess I just like happy endings. It saddens me when the opposite comes true.There are just too many stories like his. Rock and roll is here to stay, but many of its key players left prematurely. May they rest in peace. May we learn from them and not follow their lead.

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