Monday, May 24, 2010


Realistic optimism, which I talked about last week, is not oblivious to the changes that have occurred in the world. It definitely supports being alert on all levels.

I have a bad habit of not always checking the details of a bill. I get caught up in so much that the details can pass me by. As we all know, the devil is in the details. Funny enough, the guy who taught us that, failed his own advice!

In any event the other day I decided to look more closely at my cell phone bill. Thereupon, I saw a charge for $9.99 a month for a GPS fee. I distinctly remember telling the salesperson I didn't want the feature as I would forget to cancel it and I didn't think I needed it given my limited and repetitious routes around town. Obviously he ignored my request for reasons that must relate to a commission. But shame on me for not looking at the bill since December when I bought the phone.

So I called my carrier expecting to be rebuffed,but at least canceling it for the future. To my surprise the pleasant lady said, "no problem" and credited me back the almost $60. It is always nice when the world is fair and when it works well,given that it is not always that way.

The lesson learned is that the onus is on us to check it out in a timely and self-protective fashion.And, there are many its to be covered. Have a safe and fun day.Be kind to you as a counter to the fact that the world won't always be. Be optimistic, realistically.

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