Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We also met a young man heading for Rio. Let's call him Mark. He lives in the Northwest of the U.S. When his real estate business fell apart he didn't.

He rented his house out, took the money he saved during the boom times and headed to South America with a rather large back pack that his large, muscular frame handled easily. With his rugged, movie star good looks, his only kindnesses were in kissing beautiful South American woman. That and volley ball on the beach and some serious drinking times seemed to occupy him. Much more fun for this twenty something than showing properties to people who can't qualify for mortgages.

The point of sharing this tale is that people can shift their focus and put themselves into more positive spaces.Mark doesn't know how long he will stay away or where he will head after he goes to Columbia. He doesn't even know how long he will stay there, but he heard from other backpackers that the country and the woman are beautiful.Knowing Mark he will stay a while. He does know that he will continue to enjoy himself until he decides to get back to the more serious side of living. He will definitely do that--someday.

Obviously, we are not all built, physically or emotionally for such adventuresome living. But I bet there is something we can each do within our own personal comfort zone to spice up our life just a little. Think about it! Then do it. You might just like it. You just never know.

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