Friday, April 9, 2010


Once again at the airport waiting for the plane for Rio we met another young traveler. It was interesting to us that so many young people were interested in befriending we "old farts". Everyone was in a good mood after a few days at the magnificent Falls.

We didn't spend much time talking with her, but learned she was from Israel, traveling by herself around South America. We were aware that there young people do their year army stint, then work their butts off to accumulate money and then take off, often to South America, for as long as their money lasts. Then they go back and resume their studies.

Isn't that exactly what I am talking about? I am encouraging thinking about rewarding ourselves in small, medium and large ways. I am also encouraging thinking outside the box of routine and repetition and doing something(s) differently. Once again, we are not all brave backpackers, but that is not what I am encouraging. I'll settle for driving to work a different route. Think I will do that tomorrow.

By the way, Mark managed to sit next to this girl from Israel on the brief flight. Yes, she kissed him. Some guys have all the luck!

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