Monday, April 19, 2010


Everywhere I look people are texting or talking on a cell. A father swinging his baby in the Park. A cheer leader between cheers at a High School football game. The clerk at the register helping me and talking at the same time. The driver next to me swerving into my lane. The person walking in the park.The security guard at my Mom's condo.A man at a urinal next to mine. Secretaries and receptionists.Cops.People on the beach in Jupiter or Rio.Many walking along in the mall.

The question I ponder is whether we truly need this level of communications. Why, obviously except in emergencies,can't the news of the moment wait a while? Why can't we do our jobs and focus on what we are doing or just enjoy relaxing, exercise, etc without this overload of connected content.

Today I saw a little boy and his grandma greet his Mommy. She didn't even look up from the text she was working on or say Hi. Will he someday sit on some therapist's couch and say, "Mom loved her I phone more than me?"

Why does anyone need to know that Joe is taking a nap or Joan is on a business trip or Jane is hoping for great sex (or no sex) tonight or Tom is constipated? All texts and tweets are not created equal and most are not needed.

I believe we all need to take a look at our techno activity and create a new version of the serenity prayer:

Gds (aka as Gates and Jobs) please give me the courage to resist needless
techno activities, the strength to engage in that which is important in the
moment and the wisdom to know the difference.

Remember, the world worked well and in my opinion much better than it does now, when we had no voice mail, cell phones,personal computers,etc. More on this tomorrow.

Bye For Now,


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