Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yesterday I said the world worked better BT (Before Technology). I guess it depends on what one means by better. Today's world is clearly a more efficient place in which communications have been expanded exponentially. I was rereading a diary from 1982 when I went with a group of psychologists to Africa to study alternative medicine. Communications with my wife were severely limited compared to what it would be like today.

But, Mark in Brazil of a few weeks ago said it best when he said, "It is nice to have email, but sometimes it gets to be too much. I am trying to be away, not bombarded with emails from family and friends."

Certainly during BT times people were happier and less hassled.Privacy was better protected. Being off duty was more clearly delineated.A day off was just that. The white noise of irrelevant communiques was nonexistent. Interruptions and intrusions were few and far between. Almost always communications could wait. Then came the fax machine and it was up and down hill from there.

So, like with most things in life, we need to take charge and find a balance where technology is enhancing and helpful, without allowing it to dominate or control us. We need to regulate the flow and our addictive potentials to it. We need to take charge and we need to repeat the techno version of the serenity prayer (from yesterday's blog)to ourselves at least once a day. True control demands discipline in all areas of life. More about that tomorrow.

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