Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Before we move on I would like to sum up what I have been saying the last week or so.

It all began with the phrase "yours to create." I truly believe that where we have the most control is where we tend to take the least. Typically, we strive to control that which is not that easily controllable --like our safety,security and well being.

Better, I believe, we strive to influence our futures by making shifts in our routines and habits--at least once in a while. At the very least we can look a little more closely at those routines and habits and see which, if any, are modifiable.

The stories about the people we met in the airport in Brazil are all true. I told their tales without embellishment. I am NOT encouraging risk or ridiculousness--at least in terms of your present life. I am encouraging thinking, exploring and sometimes challenging your comfortable space for interesting, enjoyable and exciting space.

Here is an example. A woman I know works hard all week and spends most of the weekend catching up on chores at home. Once a month or even once a quarter I'd like to see her chose some different, more enjoyable way to spend a weekend or at least part of it. Sleep in, catch a brunch with a friend, go to a movie, the beach, a park, a massage--whatever! Life's just too short to be enslaved to work, children and chores.

For many years I have said, "Time flies whether you are having fun or not, so you better have some fun."I sincerely hope you do now and that you will find ways to add to it."

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