Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Yesterday I talked about how we can modify and influence our lives in positive directions of all kinds.

When traveling in Brazil a few weeks ago we met a young woman whom I will call Linda (not her real name) for reasons of privacy. She works as a speech therapist on the East Coast of the U.S. She was on the plane we were on to meet up with her boyfriend.Both were arriving in Rio that day. The really neat part of the story is that she had just spent a week in a small town in Brazil volunteering to work with children with cleft palates. And she did it mostly on her own dime having been given very little funding.

So here was a woman who cared enough to use her time, money and energy to reach out and help others. To me that is one special person who has the kindness, caring and courage to go that extra step. She is an example of someone we can learn from and follow in kind ( and in kindness) in some way.

And you know how they say when you give something away, good things come to you. Well, her boyfriend asked her to marry him on Ipanema Beach. How's that for a Danielle Steel-esque story. And it is all true.

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