Thursday, April 8, 2010


We met a young couple on a very short train ride to Iquazuu Falls on the Argentinian side. She was 16 and he 17. They were both foreign exchange students from Germany. They hadn't known each other there, but met here on a month long bus trip with many other such students.

We were struck by their maturity and poise. They were serious minded. She raved about the cultural learning opportunities, while he acknowledged those as well as this experience " helping to further build my character."

Of interest, in terms of the theme this week of expanding our range, this couple typified people, albeit young who think about how to do their lives a little bit differently. From that they enjoy personal growth, fun and learning.They also had the courage to venture forth into unknown territories for their own greater good. We can learn from them.

I hope personally that they fell in love at the Falls and have a wonderful romantic adventurer as well. That builds character too!

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