Monday, April 12, 2010


Yesterday I talked about driving to work a different way today. I did it. Yea for me!!

Not a big deal, really. But certainly an interesting experience.

Intriguingly,the road I chose was being torn up and was down to one lane. I didn't leave it, though I could have returned to my usual route. Nor did that spoil my ride to the office. My ability to change overrode the road!

Might want to check out Bill O'Hanlon's book, "Do One Thing Different". I never read it, but it sounds like he and I are on the same page.

More importantly, try to follow my encouragement and his title. I can't guarantee you will like it, but I can assure that it will contribute to your viewing your actions from a different angle and motivate you to keep looking for pleasurable modifications and rewarding changes to your script.

Bye For Now,


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