Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Of all the challenges facing humankind,finding and sustaining discipline is probably the most difficult of all.From as far back as Adam and Eve we know that people were created strong in most areas, but weaker in one or two or a few.

Notice how smart, successful,savvy people trip over themselves on a pretty regular basis.Notice how controlling seemingly simple matters such as what we eat or drink, the substances we put into our bodies,how we spend our hard earned money, etc., can cause us to betray ourselves repeatedly. All of our hurtful habits reflect a lack of discipline-- even among the most disciplined of people.

It is truly a puzzle or perhaps a maze in which we become trapped.Here is a simple minded (perhaps too simple minded) formula for escaping from the maze:

observe what you are doing to yourself that is hurtful
think about how you would respond if someone else was hurting you in a similar or parallel way.
create a fight within yourself that resists whatever tempts you into self-defeating and hurtful behaviors.
make believe your life depended on your stopping ( it often does!).
set it up in your mind so avoidance is more motivating than giving in.
consciously say, "I am enjoying taking charge and being disciplined".
find a way similar to pounds lost to measure results.
sustain your behavior for 3-4 weeks.....keep it going......

and you will have found discipline. It isn't as easy as I make it sound, but it is undeniably doable.Rocket science it is not. A challenge it is. Take the challenge and strut your strong self-stuff.

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