Monday, April 5, 2010


Friday I used the title phrase to encourage people to ask themselves questions about their future so as to create a more fulfilling one. But is it really ours to create?

Philosophers have long raised the question of whether free will or determinism influenced the course of our lives. As with most such debates the answer is "d)all of the above".Not much in life is black or white. Gray is the prevailing color.

Clearly, many forces inhibit our free will and determine our future. We are all programmed by our history and experiences to see life and ourselves in certain limiting ways.It is easy for us to become married to our habits, routines and rituals as they are comfortable and comforting.

However, time and time again I meet people who have taken baby or giant steps to put themselves into more positive and enhancing space. This ranges from recovering addicts to couples who work on their relationship to individuals who overcome depression, anxiety, etc. It also includes those who take vacations, change jobs or homes, move to a new city or volunteer at a local homeless shelter, hospital, boys and girls club or whatever.

I am awe struck every time I observe our human and mindly potentials for change,growth and variation. I am equally excited when I observe it in myself. It takes energy and effort to be sure, but I do believe it is ours to create.

More on this the rest of the week.

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  1. I remember when they built a drive thru wediing chapel off 595, rennovated a taco bell and made it a bonifide wedding chapel. It sat smack dab in the center of a busy strip mall, right beside a Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Char-Hut. Every chance I had, day or nite, I would make a point of checking out the activity of the new drive thru wedding chapel and observed nobody was there, I was driving a lot in those days and I can say that maybe I saw one car at the pick up window within a years time, come to think of it, that car came and went in the time it took me to move a mile in five o'olock traffic. I wondered "what were they thinking" as I read your blog, I thought about how the drive thru chapel idea could have come about? knowing there is no money in it, knowing that there is a 3 day process period on wedding applications, knowing that there was nothing different about this place other than it was very well situated amidst the "fast food' life style of middle America, and one of the busiest interstates in the nation. i beleive the intention of its' owner was to make an accessible yet charming mini wedding palace for all to see and hopefully use. I beleive that no matter how bizarre it appeared to me and most, its' owner was thrilled to show off this creation and share it with anyone and everyone. It indeed was charming.

    My friend and I talked about the idea of a drive thru mental health post. We thought we might call the practice "Design a life". We drafted out a Menu of single and combo platters. #1, the happiness happy meal: #2, Inner peace single with a free side of your choice of where you and how you want to live it out. #3, the warm fuzzy wrap that promised instant gratification and a few moments comfort, of course, our empowering Penzer Punch as the "Design a Life" house speciality. What a fun thought that was and still is, I'd be happy to have a window at the drive thru.

    I believe too, that we must create our lives.
    It all starts with the head and the heart: you can't live or live well, without their synchronozation.

    Mimi Gegg, M.Ed
    The Tranquility Center
    William Penxer Ph. D and Associates