Monday, April 26, 2010


I went to the third playoff game of the Heat vs. Celtics. I had never been to a Heat game before. It was interesting, though I would rather watch it in the calm of my family room where the big guy in front can't stand up at every important play and block my view.

I was fascinated by the fact that these giants of the game who are paid millions upon millions, practice continuously and receive more coaching than I can imagine, mess up on a regular basis.

Back in the schoolyard at PS 64 in the Bronx, NY and at the Y on the Concourse we missed foul shots, double dribbled,walked, passed to the other team, had the ball stolen away and otherwise failed. So did these big, high priced dudes on both teams with surprising repetition. We didn't call ourselves the Jokers for nothing. But the pros are supposed to play seriously. I'm serious!!

The message to me was clear. If they can so can we. We don't have to be perfect because there is no such thing. All we need do is accept our gaffes and try not to make a mess for ourselves. These guys are better than most. We need to strive in that direction. We need to try as hard as we can. So do the Heat on Sunday afternoon or their season is finis!

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  1. You put out that level of work everyday, so it sounds like the winning game gave you even more drive and motivation.... seriously, what you said here is, as serious as a heart attack.

    Mimi Gegg
    The Tranquility Center
    William Penzer, Ph.D and Associates