Thursday, April 1, 2010


Yesterday's blog talked about learning from the heavies in our life that have caused us and others pain and sorrow. We also have uncanny ways to undermine ourselves in smaller,but no less hurtful ways.

I am thinking here of what we say to ourselves that undermines our confidence and creates worry, stress and pessimism. We can take relatively small issues and magnify them with the scope of a Hubble. This generates negative energies, hopelessness and fear-- sometimes reaching overwhelming proportions. Most of the time our terrors are self-created.

I encourage you to begin to listen to your self-talk. Note whether you are being a cheer leader or a jeer leader. If it is the latter try to modify your script.Try to promote optimism and hopefulness. Assume things will go well until you have data to the contrary. Even if that occurs try to give it a more neutral, if not positive, spin.

I am not talking about seeing yourself and the world through rose-colored glasses. I am talking about not dying them black. Typically, most problems resolve. Usually, we are better and stronger people than we think we are.Face your challenges squarely,confidently and hopefully.With that mindset you will overcome them more easily and more quickly.

And if you struggle trying to modify your script consider talking to a mental health specialist. We help people to accomplish that every day. It is not always easy, but it is doable!

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