Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yesterday, the teller in the bank asked if I was going incognito as I was wearing sun glasses. I responded by saying, "Yup, the paparazzi are following me everywhere I go."

This led me to think about how difficult it must be to be a celebrity. Yes, I understand the fame and fortune appeal, but think about having to prethink every public move you make. Think about needing a body guard. Think about the limits it imposes on your freedom and mobility. Think about the negative publicity potentials, as one of the rich and famous seems to stumble into negative news everyday. Think also about the lack of privacy for the celeb, his/her partner, kids, etc.

All of a sudden it doesn't seem so glamorous to be a celebrity. It seems like work and pressure which is perhaps why so many end up in rehab for drugs and alcohol.

I think I will remain among the masses, but I will keep my shades on just in case!

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