Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The words Remember and Never Again do not only apply to the Holocaust created by the insanity of Nazi Germany and the Hitler regime. They also apply to our personal trials and tribulations.

People have an uncanny knack for undermining themselves in a Heinz variety of ways. For people who are supposedly inclined toward Hedonism--the seeking of pleasure and avoidance of pain--we can often go the other way. Sometimes, the very pleasures we seek cause the pains from which we suffer.

For those for whom these words apply it is critically important that we learn from our mistakes rather than repeat them. Personal growth is all about making new choices that sustain our pride bank and avoid adding to our shame and blame accounts.

Not all of our parts are fully grown, rational and self-protective. We can and do harm ourselves with the same ruthlessness as an enemy soldier. Let us use the words, Remember and Never Again to remind us to err on the side of caution, avoid the seductiveness of denial and hubris and learn from our past, so our futures can be much more comfortable and secure.

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