Friday, March 26, 2010


No I don't really believe there is a cess pool and a dam in the back of our heads.(see yesterday's blog).I think the billions of wires that connect our brains work very much like a computer (or a computer works very much like a brain) so that much of our past is stored in all that circuitry. We may not remember it, but it is there and has an influence on an unconscious level. Identifying that level was Freud's most significant contribution to our understanding of the human mind.

I do believe that our minds work that way and that our present can be strongly affected by our past. This alone, explains why highly visible people do highly dumb things that cause them serious embarrassments. It also explains why pretty invisible people do those dumb things too, defying the hedonistic creed of seeking pleasure and avoiding pain.There is too much unavoidable pain in our world today,which makes it even sillier to bring it on ourselves!

All of this explains why people seek help, rehab, counseling, etc. after the proverbial cat has leaped out of the bag rather than before. If you have a cat in your bag that can hurt you and those you care about call for help NOW! Don't wait till the panic attacks,suicidal depression,infidelity,DUI,etc happens. Work on cleansing cess and strengthening dam grams before it bites you in the not so proverbial ass!

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