Friday, March 19, 2010


Yesterday's blog talked about unanticipated changes that can occur spontaneously. Here is an example.

I went to West Africa in 1982 to learn about alternative healing/medicine. It was a fascinating adventure. When I came back home I had completely lost my taste for meat. It wasn't as if vegan was a hot topic on the trip and there were no animal issues in that part of Africa. We were on the coast so fish were plentiful and delicious, but I never knew why my ability to eat meat was reduced to an occasional hot dog or piece of bacon or salami. Steaks, chops, ribs and the like were literally off the table.

That went on for 27 years. Then this summer I began tasting meat and found it enjoyable. I don't eat much for health reasons, but it is nice to have that potential back in my repertoire. I tasted my son's prime rib and wife's veal chop just tonight. Both were better than the scallops I chose to eat.

The point is not about eating meat. It is about a persons ability to modify habits back and forth and back again. It is about planned and spontaneous changes that can occur. It is about our structured efforts to change (i.e, therapy, taking a class, reading a book, etc.) and about those that occur unexpectedly. It is about allowing our lives to be in progress by keeping an open mind and about our personal potentials to keep moving toward becoming a more complete adult. It is all about the dignity of human growth at just about any age!

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