Thursday, March 18, 2010


I used the title phrase in a recent email to a friend. It made me think about the fact that our lives are truly a work in progress, like an artist's painting or a writer's unfinished book or symphony. We are unfinished -- at least until we are done!

The beauty of that idea lies in our potential to continue to learn, modify, strengthen and grow. The key word in that sentence is potential. Many, perhaps too many, get stuck in a hamster-like wheel. They go round and around and never fully explore the world around them, the unknown windows of opportunity or their personal potentials.

I encourage you not to be a completed person, but to continue to strive toward becoming more complete. There is a series of articles I wrote called, "Becoming A More Complete Adult" at

See yourself as a person in progress. Know and believe that the most amazing changes can occur without your ever planning for them or knowing exactly why they occurred. More on that tomorrow.

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