Wednesday, March 10, 2010


There is no medicine like hope,no incentive so great,and no tonic so powerful as expectations of something tomorrow.
Orison Marden

Year ago I discovered the importance and power of hope. It was when I was going through my emotional down of anxiety, panic and phobia, well before those words were common. Struggling and suffering day after day made it difficult to hold onto hope. It was, at best, a grease covered rope.

What made it worse was that we knew so little about emotional pain in the 70's. It was the dark ages. After all, hope is based on information that feeds tomorrow's expectations. Without it and with my analyst saying, "We must continue to analyze", I felt like I was drifting further and further out to sea on a slowly deflating raft.

Five years later, when I was released from the prison and torment of my mind I realized I had somehow managed to hold onto a ray of hope throughout this pain filled ordeal.I hadn't drowned after all.

In today's world filled with information, and understanding it is so much easier to offer hope to those who need it. More on this tomorrow.

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  1. Funny you mention the power of hope today. About twenty years ago I was working with a prominent Judge who wanted to start a family court here in Broward County. I had the honor of meeting with his committee which included strong community leaders and Virgina Satir. At the end of a ver intense strategic plan and the eventual inclusion of family court, we all wondered what would become of this? The goal giving foster kids and deliquent kids who had very little to draw from, and it was decided that the family court would hear social workers, guardian et litems and other support people working with this type of kid. At the end of the synposium the question was asked of the Judge; what do you think this will do for "throw away" kids, he answered HOPE and as long as they have it and feel it, they will succeed.

    Mimi Victoria Gegg
    The Tranquility Center
    William Penzer, Ph.D and Associates.