Thursday, March 25, 2010


When I was going through my own mental misery in the early 70's I sought information to help explain why I was struggling with such horrible anxieties and panic. This was the dark ages of understanding our minds and what caused them not to work so well.

So, I devised a simple model to help me explain my confusion. I then shared it with the people I was helping so they could better and more clearly understand themselves. The title of this blog is actually a title of a chapter in "Getting Back Up From an Emotional Down," a book I am happy to send you as a gift. Just send me your snail mail address via email at

Simply stated, I posited a storage center at the back of our brain that I called a Cess Pool. This stored all of the negative, hurtful, self-deflating experiences we encountered and the associated emotions. If this was all we had in our heads, we would all live in a hospital where you couldn't distinguish between the doctors and the patients. Fortunately, there is also a storage center where the positive and pride building experiences and associated emotions are stored. This I called the Dam. As long as the dam is solid and can contain the cess we feel and function fine. When the cess overruns the dam we experience, anxiety, depression and many other painful emotional syndromes.

The moral of the story is that we need to do our best to fill our pride banks that in turn fill our dams and limit that which we knowingly put into our shame and blame account,that only adds to our pools.

Take a personal inventory. How solid is your dam? How filled is your pool? How are you helping to keep it that way? If your dam comes up short and/or your pool comes up flooded it may just be time to modify some aspects of your behavior and/or call a lifeguard,aka a mental health counselor, psychologist, social worker,or psychiatrist.We give a dam while simultaneously cleansing the pool (see yesterday's blog)

Unfortunately, most people wait till the flood gates are submerged and their pool is raging past their dam like the ocean in a serious storm. Wait till the eleventh hour if you must,but try to come in before two minutes to twelve!

More on this tomorrow.

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