Monday, March 29, 2010


Tonight is the first night of Passover. For those who celebrate I hope you have a happy holiday.

Passover celebrates the Jewish people's escape from Egypt after being held as slaves. They then spent forty years wandering the desert toward the promised land. Surely, they needed to feel positive and optimistic to make both the escape and that long journey. Clearly, they had to sustain hope against all odds. Certainly, their spiritual beliefs kept them going as did their leaders.

What can we learn from that time? There is much in the traditional Passover prayer book that has always seemed hard to understand to me. Even the four questions seem to miss the important issues. What I think we can learn is that Jews have always struggled against oppressive forces. Despite that, they have maintained a positive spirit that enabled them to survive--even through the Holocaust.

Jew and non Jew alike can learn from this simple model of overcoming challenges, maintaining hope and persevering against all odds. As people we all struggle. Our response needs to be that we never,never, never give up. We also never forget so that it never happens again--individually, religiously or culturally. More on this tomorrow.

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  1. thanks for the inspiration and pointing to how people can not give up in the faCe of difficult circumstances. it sure is needed advice in this day and time.
    I appreciate your language of optimism and hope,
    perseverance and forging forward despite difficulties.