Friday, March 12, 2010


There will never be another now. I will make the most of today. There will never be another time. I will make the most of myself.
Robert Schuller

Based on Dr. Shuller's quote, the question remains whether you are making the most of you? I venture to guess that most of us are not. If that is true for you, ask yourself what else might you could be doing now that would enhance your own self. How might you, based on last weeks blog, be taking better care of your soul?

The answer need not be complex. It might be as simple as committing to read this blog every day. Or reading some other inspiring passage. Or, it might be in hugging someone you love more often. It could be to commit to something healthy for yourself like eating less and exercising more.

Making the most of our self need not be monumental. It does need to be meaningful for YOU! Think about what you could do today and tomorrow that would feel good for you and fill what I call your pride bank. Just thinking about it is prideful. Doing it is even more so. Nothing feels better than feeling proud of your SELF.

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  1. Finding what we truly enjoy and find healthful and helpful are things we can think about throughout our day. In MINDFUL practice and focusing, it is pretty easy, they use to say schedule time for yourself in your daily appointment book for YOU. At our tranquility center our brief questionare has four questions. The first, "What brings you joy". Some visitors have a hard time with that one. They know the barriers to finding peace and tranquility is through their own volition,, yet it is often forgotten and when the greasy rope syndrome kicks in. Many answer what brings you joy with a response that is dated, jaded, no longer relevant experiences, that were not sustained due to whatever glop came in their way.
    It is amazing to me how quickly and I believe, effectively, working with a coach and facilitator can bring us to a better, prideful place. I recently worked with a young autistic woman who was stuck in her "condition", after two sessions, she remembered how much she enjoyed playing the piano and writing music. She is now, two months later, playing, writing and plans to attend FAU for their music education course, a BA.

    Mindfulness, paying close attention to something that brings us the opportunity to be happy, proud, at peace, even joy takes a little effort. The same kind of effort we put into choosing what to wear, how to manage our day, personal hygiene, etc. Anywhere anytimme there is always something, someone, or our beliefs that beckon our attention and appreciation. You are right, it is not usually monumental and it doesn't have to be. Finding happiness in our everyday lives requires the desire and interest in doing so. I assure you and concur whole heartedly that being in the now, and finding your piece of peace is possible on a daily basis; schedule it in, and make it a priority, it makes a difference, I promise.

    Mimi Victoria Gegg. M.Ed
    The Tranquility Center
    William Penzer and associates