Tuesday, February 16, 2010


As a kid I remember being happy that it was a no school day.I can even remember when it wasn't lumped and there was Lincoln's and Washington's Birthdays separately. How's that for dating myself? As a younger adult I can recall not caring very much about the day(s), one way or the other.

At this stage of life I have some other feelings. We have had some great Presidents and some less than great. Many have accomplished major improvements. Others have overcome some severe crises,while still others have made fools of themselves and us--some repetitively.

Frankly, I just don't think it is a doable job and any sensible person would not apply and spend so much time, energy and money pursuing that title. While it gets you into the history books, it doesn't leave time to read many. The odds of failing are much greater than the odds of succeeding. Witness President Obama's rapid fall from the top of the mountain to a much lower position.It must be hard to go from being loved to being hated so rapidly. Usually, it takes several years for someone to fall out of love--especially when President's Day falls so close to Valentine's Day.

I'm no pundit, but I think we need three Presidents. One for National Affairs;one for International Affairs and one for sexual affairs. Just kidding about the third. Traditionally, one President has handled all those responsibilities and irresponsibilities simultaneously. Kidding aside, just as some large corporations have co-CEO's, we need co-Presidents.One should be a Democrat and one a Republican. Now that is non-partisanship. Then again, what the heck do I know?

Bye For Now,

PS. Each would have A VP. The Democratic President would have a Republican VP and vice versa. It would either work to overcome party politics,once and for all, or it would lead one to assassinate the other group. Truth be known anything would be better than the clustermuck we now have.

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