Monday, February 8, 2010


Or is it really the tidy bowl woman? You won't understand this blog unless you read the one on Friday. Feel free to go back one step and review that.

The question is who can save us? Some will say it is President Obama while others will say that is not possible. Others might say it is both houses of Congress. Still others might put the burden on the UN, although that has been a somewhat impotent body since its inception.

Perhaps others would look hopefully, not to one person, but to the collective forces of humanity,although our collective consciousness doesn't always point in the same direction. Carl Jung would be quick to point to our collective unconscious, but for the fact he died quite a while ago.

Many would say our only savior is the Lord him/herself. For those who believe it must be comforting to know he will guide and protect us,although sometimes we might wonder if s/he is paying attention. Let us pray, well hope, that the believers are right. I like Harold Kushner's (Why Bad Things Happen To Good People) explanation that Gd is not a micro manager.

Frankly, I don't believe in the tidy bowl man/woman any more than I believe in the Tooth Fairy or Santa. I believe it is our individual responsibility to protect ourselves from the swirling waters of the toilet bowl in which we live. Hang on! Keep your nose clean and look both ways before you cross another's path. Today I read that in '09 there were over 150 failed Ponziacs in the US. Watch your back and your wallet and try not to swim in dirty waters. Instead of looking for a savior, become a saver!

Try your best to stay optimistic about your personal self, while keeping a less than close tab on the world in which we live. As I have previously said sometimes watching soaps on TV is better than watching the news.

More the rest of this week.

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