Friday, February 5, 2010


As I said in Monday's blog, the world and our country are not in such great shape. We try hard and we are pretty smart, but a variety of forces ranging from human greed, our propensity as people to do glop (see previous blogs and and even Mother Nature can wreck havoc with our dreams, goals and aspirations. In that sense, too often we are left swirling around the toilet bowl of life hanging on for dear life.

Then comes the super bowl and similar events(i.e.,Avatar,etc). Silly, exaggerated and hyped as they are we need them. They distract us, at least temporarily, from our angst, pain and worry. For several hours Sunday evening most eyes will be focused on THE GAME. The privileged will watch and root from the comfort of their home. The super rich will go to the game and deal with crowds,traffic,overpriced drinks,drunks and the like. But all who watch will not think about their finances,two wars,The President, other politicians,ponziacs, Haiti, the low value of homes,the worth of a dollar and the unemployed.

We won't be able to avoid thinking about Katrina and the New Orleans disaster a few years ago, but they will finally have their chance to shine in the sun. May the best team win and may we all have a peaceful,enjoyable and attention grabbing eve. Come Monday morning we can get back to the harsh realities (optimistically) and hopefully get a little help from the tidy bowl man!

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