Monday, February 1, 2010


I began this blog in March '09 with the subject as my guiding principle.

Much as I would love to start off 2010 with a blog filled with hope and positivism it would not be in keeping with that goal.

Reality suggests a collective loss of confidence in the systems of our world. Reality suggests that those who try to lead us often try to deceive us. Reality suggests that we are surrounded by greedy and unscrupulous people. Reality suggests we need to read the fine print, check every bill and keep looking over our shoulders. Reality suggests endless wars and global insecurities, countless debt personally and as a nation and piss poor leadership--mostly self-serving SOB's, pretending to care about us. We have become so smart and we behave so stupidly, so repetitively. I'm no economist, but I believe it is likely that ours will tank again in 2010 as illusions crumble and realities turn less than optimistic.

I plan to try to help us all cope with all of this by drawing from my articles, "The World Doesn't Work Anymore: A Manual for Survival," which can be found on my website Funny enough I wrote them years ago. I actually began a book in the early 90's by that title, but became so depressed by Chapter 3 I abandoned the project.

We need to work at maintaining a personal positiveness and peacefulness despite the walls of the world around us falling down.But, it does require serious work. It don't come easy! Realistic optimism implies hope, despite the realities with which we must deal. I'm hopeful the next several blogs will help you to do that.

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  1. Realistic optimism takes effort, the benefits are tremendous and effect all parts and people in our lives. I am with you and look forward to the blogs regarding this topic and make the effort everyday to stay above the nonsense while helping someone along the way, sometimes getting out of their way;nevertheless it takes practice and the desire to want peace and postitivism in our lives.

    Glad you are back and happy that you guys had a good time and all remains well.