Monday, February 15, 2010


Friday I talked about discovering, Care of the Soul, by Thomas Moore, after all these years. Annonymous informed us that there is a web site and new book coming.

His wisdom is obvious, but so hard to implement. Here are some more of his wise observations:

We could all be Freud to our own experiences. Taking an interest in the soul is a way of loving it. The ultimate cure...comes from love and not from logic. (That's worth repeating).

Love of the soul asks for some appreciation of its complexity.( I second that e-motion)!

...As we open ourselves to see what our soul is made of and who we really are,we always find some material that is a profound challenge.

...Your character will never change radically,although it may go through some interesting transformations.( and I would add important transformations!)

As we stop to consider what is happening to us and what we're made of,the soul ferments...

Here I will add, like fine wine, we can evolve and grow richer and finer as we age.We simultaneously,become simpler and yet more complex. Tanins and toxins are replaced by well rounded and balanced flavors as we mature, if we mature. Not all do, but those who care for their Soul are more likely to do just that. I hope you chose that at this point in your life.

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  1. Hi Bill,
    These are great Moore quotes. Care of the Soul is a special book that I return to often. At a free forum dedicated to his work, Barque: Thomas Moore Forum, you are invited to share your insights with others who appreciate Moore's writings. Thanks for continuing to blog about this book.