Thursday, February 4, 2010


In today's decayed and at times, depraved world we need to insulate ourselves beyond just not reading the news.

It is helpful to keep a low profile. That means no Facebook, etc., which by the way, many can access as they check you out. Google your name and sometimes some of your Facebook comes up as well as parts of your friends. Many companies can access those sites as they screen you for a job. Watch the pics of you stoned, drunk, seminaked, etc.They may impress your friends and depress your parents, but they will not seal the deal on that job you desperately need.

Also, hang with safe, trustworthy people. Check them out pretty well. Bernie and Scott's friends thought they were the best, not the worst that they turned out to be.

Remember my 1990's proclamation, "IT IS NOT PARANOID TO BE PARANOID THESE DAYS! And that was 15+ years ago. Today I would say, "PARANOIA IS ESSENTIAL."

More tomorrow.

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