Friday, February 19, 2010


Yesterday's blog quoted Joe Klein saying re Sarah, "Because brilliance must be respected,especially when it involves marketing in an era when image almost always passes for substance."

I read that to mean that we have reached a point in our society where superficial, marketed well, sells better than substantive, marketed less well. This very idea is what leads to successful ponziacs and flimflammers of all types and persuasions, ripping us off and fleeing the scene. This is also why those in the lime light are paid millions for endorsements of products--at least until their personal images get destroyed by some pratfall or another.

On a personal level it hits home. My advisers are constantly saying,"Nail a sound bite without being too wordy. No one has the patience or attention span to read/listen to your wordiness." "You need to update your 90's website. People click on and then off as they are turned off by how outdated it is." I say, "well I'm not a youngster either, but my maturity and the substance therein, has value.

Now I am starting to wonder about all of that. Perhaps we have entered an age where image talks and substance walks. If that is so, I am profoundly saddened by that awareness. It not only takes away from the meaningfulness of life in the 21st century, but paves the way for the Sarah P's of the world to win many over with a "You Betcha!" It will never be "workin' for" me!

I will however, update my website so that the world will be willing to view the substance contained within!

Could it be that we are now living at a time when everyday is Super Bowl Sunday commercialism? I think so. Tomorrow, let's talk about how we can protect ourselves from that mentality that is eager to persuade us in one way or another...for their gains.

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  1. I believe this issue of being superfacial and lacking sustanence is an outgrowth of your original idea of coping with the economy. So many people have to "face up" most of their waking hours and are preoccupied and often overwhlemed by the day to day. Therapy is often viewed as a luxury or mystery to many. I have observed that people seem to like to chose their salve or personal treatment; some of it glop and some of it just around the edges to keep reality checks going on. The new website is impressive and huge in scope. Your "wordiness" is how we have learned from you; sound bites. elevator speeches (30 seconds or less) are superficial. In spreading the word, dvd's and books for those that have visited our tranquility center I find that most pick up on the techniques fairly quickly, but ultimately chose to talk and share a lot.... I am certainly not superficial so anyone in a therapeutic setting with me seems to immediately get that and we move on. I too have doubted what is real at this point in time and wondered if things have changed. My sense and experience is that there are a limited amount of human beings that have genuine intuitive helping/compassion capability and skills. Recent trends are "spins" on what you have been talking about for decades. Any of your work from the beginning always has the same tapestry and theme, sometimes you apply your personal experience for demonstration purposes, and those of us who know you enjoy that part the best. The essence of ALL you have written or talked about is timeless. I've been involved professionally and sshared a relationship as and fan for almost thirty years. I consider myself well educated, highly intuitive and having a heart that would embrace the world if it could. So, on this end of the world, my world anyway; I see and seek likeminded people (there are plenty) I don't understand the superficial life styles however I do know I am not comfortable, not interested in them and wonder how they live their lives without the kind of work and insight you give.

    Peace and enjoyment to you and yours, I have Sadie on my mind.

    Mimi Gegg, M.Ed
    Tranquility Center
    William Penzer and Associates