Tuesday, February 9, 2010


On Sunday morning I asked myself what I would say if I were coaching a super bowl team. Though I don't know much about football, right before we headed for the field I would say:

Today will shape the rest of your life. Give it your all. Try your hardest.
The past is history. The future is unknown. Today, this very moment, is all
you have.

I have faith in you to do your very best and try your best to reach your
full potential. Don't think about it. Just do it. Let your instincts guide
your way.

Watching your feet while you dance or play the game of your life will trip you
up. Just take it to the goal posts. Don't let anyone get in your way.

Play fair and play clean. Don't hit hard unless you are provoked.Be an
honorable hero. Do us and yourself proud.

Know in your heart of hearts that you have tried your best and went all in
for the good of the cause. Though you might not win the trophy, you
may just score a few points for your team and yourself.

Get out there and kick some butt. Just make sure you don't kick yours!

Funny enough, that is the same talk I would give to you and me. You may not be playing in the big game, but you are playing in the biggest game of your life. Give it your best shot tomorrow and everyday.


We can learn a lesson from the WHODAT? nation. Play like you are the underdog. Take a chance every now and then. Give it your very all. Believe the WHO can still perform. Go for it!

Bye For Now,



  1. Tru dat! Inspirational to and for all!

  2. Would you recommend an onside kick in the beginning of the second half