Thursday, February 11, 2010


The other day I said, "Paranoia is essential."

Today someone sent me an email about a major company giving away a free laptop if you sent their email to 8 other people.I was one of 8. Somehow, I don't think the laptop will be arriving anytime soon. But somebodyu just got 8 addresses they can sell or otherwise abuse.

I'm sure they have a way to track those 8 addresses and if I were to send to 8 and so on.

I ask people not to send me pass it on emails as I typically don't like them, don't trust them and don't send them on. The email buck stops here! It needs to stop with you as well.

As I have previously written the internet is filled with schemers and scammers. I get the emails all the time and don't even open them. They want to give me free money, gifts, trips and love. There is no such thing as FREE!. There is such a thing as freeloaders. They are parasites who feed off others by not having a conscience.

I read the other day that in 2009, 150 ponziacs failed. I wonder how many are still going strong.

Watch your back. Please watch mine too!

Bye For Now,


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