Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Perhaps you thought all those Hooked On Happy blogs were idle chatter. Now comes a research project from Canada that showed those who were happier were heart healthier than those who weren't.

The authors concluded that sometimes you have to fake it till you can make it. Dr. Davidson of Columbia Medical center said, "If you aren't naturally a happy person,just try acting like one. It could help your heart."

I would agree, but add that people who aren't happy can seek out a variety of supports to help them overcome the issues that contribute to their unhappiness. This would enable them not just to "fake it", but to truly wrestle their demons to the ground so they can truly feel happy.

Our Tranquility Center helps people accomplish just that. Contact our Director,
Mimi Gegg for more info and a complimentary initial visit.We have a heart which ultimately will help yours.

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  1. This is Mimi Gegg, I can be contacted at (954) 608-7402 to schedule a complimemtary visit and share some hapiness for anyone interested.

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