Friday, February 26, 2010


So, American Idol is back. It has become a staple after football season is over. I am not much of a TV person, but it is an entertaining,sometimes emotional show and has promoted some unknowns to superstar status. As reality TV goes it is harmless--unless you are on the other end of Mr. Cowell's caustic comments.

Last nite,the rocker who left blamed it all on the judges and their lack of early feedback. He was young, but would have exited better if he owned his own lack of talent, poor song choice and lame performance.

I notice this a lot in everyday life. People blame other people, things, circumstances, situations...everything other than owning their own s__t.!

Most of the time it is best to be objective and simply say, "I messed up, failed, made poor decisions, etc". Most people want to present themselves in a positive light. In truth, we all mess up at times. The best way is to try to defuse the situation, apologize and learn from it.All we need do is to simply acknowledge our own mistakes. It is really easy, but for our wounded egos that get in the way.

We are not perfect. Every human being has made at least one if not 500 errors of judgment and poor choices. Instead of idealizing our role, let's realize our culpability and move on.

It wasn't the judges, Dude, it was YOU! It was also the guy standing next to you.He will go down next, unless he tightens and brightens up his act. The same applies to you and to me and to everyone.

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