Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The Tiger morphed into a pussycat on Friday as he tried his best to apologize and atone for his sins. To me he looked like a little boy who was caught going into the cookie jar too often and taking too much. In fact, the man did just that.His Mama's hugs and kisses hopefully salved some of his wounds. Glad to hear he is returning to Buddhism. He should have never left the fold.

He was the only confessor I ever heard to acknowledge hubris as the root cause. My old professor, Mort Feinberg, who played an instrumental role in my life, wrote a book titled, "Why Smart People Do Dumb Things". He talked about the Gary Harts of the world who said "Follow me anywhere," and was caught the next day in Miami (of course) on the yacht, Monkey Business with a hot babe. His race for the presidency was over. Dr. Feinberg concluded that hubris accounted for the majority of the reasons smart people messed up. Every person and especially every celebrity should read that book.

It was hard not to feel a little sad for the Tiger whose tank had run pretty dry. Even sadder for his beautiful wife and children, other family, friends, etc. I think when you are that large a media darling it is important to address your demons before they are made public. The same goes for every man/woman.

Though we are suckers for regret and remorse I think we are tiring of the late and manicured apologies. They begin to sound like broken records, written by spin doctors to save someone who has put him or her self in harms way. It is time we stop the glop so no confessions or apologies are needed, public or otherwise.

The question remains who will get the first Woods interview--Walters or Winfrey? Or will it be the King--Larry that is? Surely, they are fighting over the spoils.

Personally, I hope he just returns to his family and golf and calls it a ball or two that unfortunately strayed into the woods! Hopefully, from this point on he will shoot straight because the paparazzi will follow him relentlessly hoping to catch him with a babe in the woods. Don't do it Tiger--Just (DON"T) do it! Maybe, that is what your Nike shirt should say from this point on.

We are rooting for you to make a comeback. You have done it on the golf course. Now do it where it counts the most!

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